Cross-Cultural Consulting


Our trainings:

Each company has its own problems and challenges. No training, coaching or consulting may be universal, especially for a topic such as cross-cultural communication.

Yet, It is a secret to no one that people is the first asset of any successful organization. Making sure the members of the organization are properly up-to-date with management techniques is a way to ensure a dynamic and efficient work environment.

However, here are a few examples of trainings that may be organised at your i
nstitution. Of course, for each reality the program is amended and tailor-made to your dilemmas. An extensive preparation is, in any case, necessary with the management, in particular the Human Resource department.

We would be glad to discuss with you the various ways we could intervene to open-up the awareness of the cultural influence any organisation in an international environment faces.

According to your peculiarities, needs and objectives, we design a one-time training, unique as much as your team is unique. Cultural presentation of a country, interactive seminars of cross-cultural management and communication, or even simulation games may compose a session.

After reviewing the examples presented here-below, we invite you to get in touch with us to design your specific training.

Examples of trainings proposed:

  1. Internal Communication

  2. Reconciling Management dilemmas

  3. Corporate Culture

  4. Stimulating a creative spirit at work

  5. Team Management

  6. What are the roots of the Russian society?

  7. What are the primary traits of character of the Russian Culture?

  8. Managing in Russia

  9. Cross cultural presentation of France

  10. Example of integrated Seminar 1: Creating an innovative corporate culture

  11. Example of integrated Seminar 2: How to successfully work together in Russia? A Cross-cultural approach.

Practical details:

Each session is designed to fit as a half-day seminar (about 4 hours). For maximum effectiveness and to create an interactive atmosphere, it is understood that groups should be composed of 12-15 persons maximum.

The seminars could take place at your premises or in another site where you usually hold such event (we will be glad to assist you in this matter).

Handouts compiling information presented during the sessions are given to the attendees in order to better follow the seminars, as well as to be able to use as reference in the future. Such handouts typically comprise historical and economical facts, famous quotes, practical cultural tips and bibliography.