Cross-Cultural Consulting


Each training requires extensive preparation and interaction with our clients. Therefore, it would be maybe more appropriate to call our clients our “partners”!

Each training workshop is a chance to be confronted to the real world, but also to gain new examples for futures programs.

The diversity of sectors and inductry we intervene helps us in understanding the implication of culture in business from various angles.


"It was funny, interresting and useful in respect to understanding each other's characters, cultures, traditions, etc."
A Russian paricipant

"Everything was okay, perfect. Very good introduction to start understanding Russia and Russians."
An expatriate

"I liked it a lot, it is very useful to look at the situation 'from another window', and to understand more how difficult it is for foreigners to live in a foreign country."
A Russian participant

"The games were great!"
A simulation game participant

"Good training; good support for new arrival expatriates and Russian new comers in the company."
A foreign manager in Russia

"Excellent presentation of important topics aimed, in the long run, at building an efficient top-level team."
A Russian participant

"A global corporation such as Total is constantly diversifying. This diversity can create misunderstandings. Yet, it also means -as far as we can take advantage of it- a key competitive
advantage, which is necessary for us to develop.

The workshop created by Jerome Dumetz, answers these problems perfectly by allowing us to identify what we already achieve, and to fill up our gaps in the intercultural domain."

Total E&P Russia
Head of Human Resources Development and Internal Communication

"After 25 years of research we become increasingly aware that the use of general models like the 7 dimensions of culture come to life when local specialists bring it to life.

Jerome is such a person. Being of French origin, educated in the Netherlands and married with a Russian beauty, he is well equipped to give great insights into Russian culture and its effects on management. This talent showed in his contributions to the recently published version of Riding the Waves of Culture.

In short, I highly recommend to cooperate with this dynamic person."


"We thank Mr. Dumetz for his valuable support and collaboration and are looking forward to working with him again."
Prof. Dr. Peik Bremer
FH-Wurzburg-Schweinfurt MBA Program "International Business with focus on Central and Eastern Europe"

Mr Dumetz, a Plekhanov faculty member and graduate, helped start the nascent luxury brand MBA. He is a larger than life figure at Plekhanov. He's French, for starters - the only non-Russian professor - and sports pink shirts, when all his male students wear black. (Read article here)
Nora FitzGerald