Cross-Cultural Consulting


University professors, we are fortunate to teach our specialities in many institions accross Europe as Associate or visiting professor.

Lecturing is not only about transmitting knowledge today, it is also about getting insight of what the world will look like tomorrow.

Each lecture gives us the opportunity to meet the next generation of managers, coming from many different cultures.

Our courses:

  1. Advanced cross-cultural management

  2. International HRM

  3. Organizational Behaviour

  4. International Operations

  5. History of Economics (Europe and/or world)

  6. Doing Business in Russia - Overview

  7. Doing Business in Russia – Advanced course

  8. PESTEL analysis of Eastern Europe


Our hosts:

  1. VSE (Vysoká Skola Ekonomická v Praze - The University of Economics), Prague, Czech Republic

  2. Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economy, Moscow, Russia

  3. ESSEC Business School, Paris, France

  4. AIBEc (American Institute of Business and Economics), Moscow, Russia

  5. FH-Wurzburg-Schweinfurt, Wurzburg, Germany.

  6. Unicorn College, Prague, Czech Republic

  7. FH-Steyr, Steyr, Austria

  8. GSOM, St Petersburg State University, Russia

  9. Christ University, Bangalore, India

  10. ESCE (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Extérieur), Paris, France

  11. HTW Dresden, Germany

  12. EMLV (Ecole de Management léonard de Vinci), Paris, France

  13. Mirbis Institute, Moscow, Russia

  14. Négocia (CCIP), Paris, France

  15. Pericles ABLE Project, Moscow, Russia

  16. IAE-Aix (Institut des Affaires et d'Economie), Aix-en-Provence, France

  17. XIME, Bangalore, India

For a complete bibliography, click here.