Cross-Cultural Communication

Training and Consulting

The Keys to Russian Communication

This series of seminars is designed at presenting an extensive coverage of the Russian social and business behaviour nowadays.

It is directly targeted at business students studying international business and management. The format of the conferences is open to modifications with the faculty members.

Course Outline

Doing Business with Russians
  • How to prepare a business trip to Russia
  • How to Negotiate with Russians
  • Russian Economic prospects
  • Investing in Russia: Opportunities and Risks
  • Russian Communication patterns
  • Bureaucracy, Corruption and Mafia
  • The Privatisations and the Oligarchs
Russian Business Culture
  • The influence of the Particularism on contracts and negotiations
  • Fatalism and business plan
  • Russian Individualism at the workplace
  • Human Resource Management in Russia
  • Marketing in Russia: Trends and Limitations
  • Status and Power
Russian Culture
  • Life in Russia
  • Social tips
  • The legacy of an authoritarian past
  • Russian Fatalism and Superstitions
  • Art, Language and traditions
  • The Lost Empire
  • Russia and the West
Russian Facts and Figures
  • Economic overview
  • Historical landmarks
  • Russian Geography and its consequences
  • Health care, Pensions and Education

For more information, contact Jérôme Dumetz (jerome@clamart).