Cross-Cultural Communication

Training and Consulting

International Human Resource Management

The course is called International HRM because the purpose is not only to present HRM techniques and policies but also to integrate them in an international reality where habits and styles greatly differ.

Each lesson is illustrated with real-life examples and case-studies prepared by the students.

Course Outline

Lecture 1 What is HRM?
  • Presentation of HRM
  • Soft Vs. Hard HRM (UK / US)
  • The case of Japan and Europe
Lecture 2 Environment of HRM
  • Economic Environment
  • Political Environment
  • Privatisation and take over HRM strategies
Lecture 3 Employee Resourcing and careers
  • HR flow policies
  • HR Planning
Lecture 4 Motivating people
  • In / Out flows
  • Motivating Individuals
  • Motivating Groups
Lecture 5 Financial Rewards and Compensation
  • Motivation through compensation
  • Financial Rewards
Lecture 6 Learning & Development
  • What is L&D?
  • Creating L&D
  • Employee Development
Lecture 7 Mid-Term Exam MCQ
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Cross-Cultural Role Play
Lecture 8 Managing Change
  • From Structure to Culture
  • "Good" cultures
  • Frameworks of Change Management
  • Implementing Change (Overview)
Lecture 9 Internationalisation
  • Perception of HR by employees, Discussion
  • Implication of HR in Internationalisation
  • Constraints from host countries
Lecture 10 Cross-Cultural Management
  • Overview
  • The Gurus' theories
  • Practical tips in Cross-Cultural HRM
Lecture 11 Corporate Cultures
  • The four Corporate Cultures of Trompenaars
  • Russian Corporate Culture
Lecture 12 Preparation for Exam
  • Review of the courses
  • Q&A session

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