Cross-Cultural Communication

Training and Consulting

Russia: A cultural presentation

This series of seminars are designed to present the particularities of Russia through a cross-cultural point of view.

According to the time allocated and to the speciality of the studies followed by the students, various areas may be more or less stressed. However, the typical subjects covered are:

Introduction to Russian Geography
  • Facts
  • The population spread
  • The demographics
  • The climate and its influence on the culture
  • The natural resources
Introduction to Russian History
  • The key dates of Russian History
  • Focus on a few leaders
  • Their cultural influence on today's Russia
The cultural "Matrioshka"
  • The various layers of the Russian culture
  • Artefacts
  • Norms & Values
  • Core components
Cross-cultural analysis
  • Russian Particularism
  • A non-equalitarian society: the importance of gender definition
  • Showing your emotions in Russia
  • The relation towards nature: Russian fatalism
  • How do you get Status in Russia?
  • The Russian Time
Russians and Technology
  • The Space conquest
  • The status of Technology in the people's life
  • Russian Science today
Art in Russia
  • Quick historical overview of Russian Art
  • Art and the Russian Society
Russian Education
  • Principles
  • Current situation
Health care
  • Organisation
  • Current situation
Investing in Russia
  • Overview
  • Why investing?
  • Main roadblocks
  • Your business partners
  • Your gateway
  • The possible rewards
The Russian Dilemma
  • How to reconcile the two Russias?

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