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We provide expertise in communication between cultures.

Globalisation is not only a fashionable word. Today, trade, Art, currencies, management theories are,

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with people, also crossing borders. Increasingly, executives, staff members or business students are and will be facing often-disturbing situations originating from a foreign culture.

Many aspects intervene in the communication between people: First of all the content of the discussion; but also the personality of the individuals, the environment, the hierarchy, the social background or how well you speak a language. All those elements, and many others, make up the basis of communication.

However, when two individuals are coming from different cultures, the cross-cultural aspect adds a new dimension. Although some people are naturally gifted in “swimming in foreign waters”, the majority does not think of it before facing a serious crisis.

Specialists of Cross-cultural Management, we provide our clients with a choice of tailored-made training and mentoring services to help management and staff understand and act when facing culturally sensitive issues.
Besides providing tools in identifying cultural dimensions, these sessions are illustrated with real-life examples that give useful cultural hints.


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We also propose specific seminars to learning organisations wishing to introduce their students up-to-date knowledge.

Overall, it is hoped that participants by the end of the sessions will understand that there is not « one » way of managing and organising, as well as better apprehend their own culture and culture differences in general.

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